You can find video recordings of Rob Kovacs on his YouTube page, which includes everything from his solo Piano Phase debut, to his original compositions, to covers of video game music, to a 12-minute version of the Nyan Cat song.

More exclusive audio tracks are available on Rob's SoundCloud profile.

This is the first solo performance of Piano Phase where one person is playing both piano parts simultaneously. Steve Reich was in attendance for the performance. Music for 18 Musicians was also performed that night.

Traveling along the the Hudson River. The first 3 minutes are one shot. Music is original.

Download the mp3  |  Sheet music PDF

One of the best songs from Mega Man 2. I'm hoping to record some more to showcase how well this older video game music works on real instruments.

Twelve minutes of Nyan Cat. I'm obsessed with this song!

Download the mp3 | Sheet music PDF